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Prep & Store Solutions - Citrus Juicer with 2 Prep Pots

Prep & Store Citrus Juicer

There is not an easier juicer to use and store than the Easy-cooK Prep & Store Citrus Juicer.

Why squeeze half a lemon - it's better to squeeze the full lemon and store what you don't use.

Prep Pots

Save waste by storing leftovers and unused food using by using Prep Pots which are a superb addition to any kitchen.

Manufactured from a high clarity, non staining, microwave safe material.

The Prep & Store Citrus Juicer with 2 Prep Pots costs £5.00.

All prices include p & p if sent to a UK destination.
If your destination is outside the UK please purchase through ebay or Contact Us